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HAB Aquatic Solutions

HAB Aquatic Solutions was established in 2010 and specializes exclusively on improving surface water quality using aluminum-based products (e.g., alum and sodium aluminate). HAB’s research and development efforts improved upon traditional alum application approaches by developing strategies to address the unique challenges of today’s water resource management projects.

We are a full-service alum application company.  HAB has over 40 years of combined experience and provides the most comprehensive alum services available, including pre-project water quality monitoring, algae identification, alum dose determination, GPS-guided chemical application, alum injection systems for the treatment of storm water/stream water, and post-project water quality monitoring and evaluation. HAB’s cofounders are two of only a handful of scientists qualified to provide complete alum treatment services: from dose calculation, to application, to project evaluation.

HAB Aquatic Solutions continues to be the premier alum applicator in North America and our advanced application equipment & techniques are state-of-the-art and unique to the industry.  We have scores of successfully completed alum projects ranging from one-acre ponds to completing the largest alum project to date in 13,000-acre lake. Large or small, HAB Aquatic Solutions can provide proven, precise and professional services.

HAB Featured by National Geographic

Aluminum sulfate, or alum, is increasingly being used to fight algae blooms spurred by an overabundance of phosphorus from human activity.



“I don’t think I’ve ever seen the lake this clear.  I can see the bottom all around my dock as if I were on a lake in northern Minnesota!  Super cool.”

Jeff W. – Spring Lake, MN Resident

“Since our first contract in 2013, HAB Aquatic Solutions has provided the City of Eagan consistently high professionalism and reliable services with alum applications to seven lakes and five ponds. John and Tadd are not only very thorough and efficient but also quite adaptable and customer friendly. Most importantly, their work has resulted in measurable improvements in water clarity and phosphorus reductions in all cases and across multiple years.” 

Eric Macbeth – City of Eagan, MN

“HAB Aquatics was great to work with. Our site presented challenging conditions, with limited access, a wetland-fringe shoreline, and almost no staging area, yet they worked with us to make sure the project went off without a hitch, on time and on budget. The treatment itself has exceeded our nutrient reduction expectations.”

Anna Brown – Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, Edina, MN

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of Cedar Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District (CLP&RD), I am writing to express our gratitude and appreciation to HAB for the professionalism we have experienced working with you since 2014 Our experience includes, thus far, two major alum treatments of Cedar Lake in 2017 and 2019. In each of these instances (and with all the interaction prior to the treatment and between), HAB has been extremely helpful to our board and to our lake residents. The public’s understanding and growing support of the efforts undertaken by this board to clean up our lake have been helped immeasurably by HAB’s communication, policies, responsiveness and overall professionalism. Water clarity on our lake has improved dramatically and lake usage by residents is increasing as a result of the Alum treatments and the work performed by HAB. And we are once again seeing fishing tournaments on our lake! Our continued efforts to improve water clarity on Cedar Lake is having a positive impact as we progress toward having Cedar Lake removed from Wisconsin DNR list of impaired waterways! Finally, HAB demonstrated exceptional flexibility, working with CLP&RD as we applied for and received grant funding for the Alum treatment. We look forward to continuing the improvement of our lake in the coming years and will be pleased if HAB is a part of this journey.”

Daniel Early – CLP&RD Alum Committee, Star Prairie, WI

“HAB did the 1st of three ALUM treatments on our lake in 2018. Excellent comes to mind when I think of all our interactions with HAB’s staff. HAB was very supportive through the complete process. They helped educate the board and district by sharing communication materials and presenting to our Lake District. They kept the board informed through the application process. I couldn’t be happier with HAB or the results of our ALUM treatment.”

Michael Langer – Long Lake District Board Chairman, Centuria, WI

“The City of Eau Claire has a 154-acre Oxbow Lake, in an urban setting, that has a history of water quality issues since the days of the lumber trade.  We have used the services of HAB to treat our lake bottom with an Alum treatment that controls sediment phosphorus release.  In the past nine years, our water quality in Half Moon Lake has seen a significant improvement, which has resulted in a growth in popularity amongst the community users.  We are now seeing numerous users from Sailboat Sail lessons, Paddle Board Yoga lessons, Triathlon, swimmers are back, and fishing contests.  Our experience in working with HAB is very positive, and they have shown to be very professional in working with our crews.   I would highly recommend their services to other communities that are experiencing water quality issues related to hypereutrophic lake conditions.”

Jeff Pippenger – City of Eau Claire, WI

"I have had the pleasure to work with John and Tadd on multiple water quality improvement projects in the District.  Their professionalism and eye to details with their approachability was a great fit for our District. Working with HAB was a seamless process and has helped improved the water quality of several of our lakes."

Dr. Claire Bleser – RPBC District Administrator, Chanhassen, MN

"Throughout the project, the team at HAB Aquatics was responsive and professional.  The team's knowledge and experience working with harmful algal blooms were apparent in every interaction I had with them.  What I appreciated as a project manager is that no question or request was too small for the team to call, email or facilitate a conversation with the public, Regional Board grant manager or other partner agencies.  I would gladly work with them again to solve complex algal bloom and nutrient loading issues in the City's lake and watershed."

Jackie McCloud – City of Watsonville, CA

"The alum project on Bald Eagle has provided wonderful results. Previously, the smell and pea soup conditions in late July and August had us considering moving. Now we can see the lake bottom at the end of our dock and our granddaughters love swimming in the lake all Summer long. Thanks!"  

Mike B – Bald Eagle Lake, MN Resident

Laboratory results post aluminum sulfate lake treatment “Concentrations of the liver toxin microcystin, which is produced by the algae, didn’t reach levels as high as those recorded last summer.”  (From the Columbus Dispatch news article;  Alum cut Phosphorus in Grand Lake St. Marys.  Columbus, Ohio)

Chris Abbruzzese, Ohio EPA

“The target was to get a 50 percent reduction.  We got a 56 percent reduction, which was absolutely exciting.  The proof is in the pudding [that these treatments worked] is the park has stayed open all summer.”  (From NBC News story;  Alum Treatments on Grand Lake St. Marys Exceed Expectations.  Columbus, Ohio.)

Scott Nally, Ohio EPA Director

"This is a very reputable company.  You can see they are first-class, not only in their staging area, but the way they do the application." (From The Evening Leader newspaper article; Alum Hits Grand Lake St. Marys)

Jim Zehringer, Ohio DNR Director