HAB Aquatic Solutions

HAB Aquatic Solutions specializes in improving surface water quality through the use of aluminum-based products (e.g., alum and sodium aluminate). HAB’s research and development efforts improved upon traditional alum application approaches by developing treatment systems to address the unique challenges of today’s water resource management projects.

We are a full service alum treatment company.  HAB has over 60 years of combined experience and provides the most comprehensive alum services available, including pre-project water quality monitoring, algae identification, chemical dose determination, GPS-guided chemical application, alum injection systems for the treatment of storm water/stream water, and post-project water quality monitoring and evaluation. HAB’s cofounders are two of only a handful of scientists qualified to provide complete alum treatment services: from dose calculation, to application, to project evaluation.

HAB Aquatic Solutions has scores of successfully completed alum projects ranging from five-acre ponds to completing the largest alum treatment in the world. Large or small, HAB Aquatic Solutions can provide proven, precise and professional services.