Aluminum Sulfate Application Testimonials

“This is a very reputable company.  You can see they are first-class, not only in their staging area, but the way they do the application.”  Jim Zehringer, Director Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  From The Evening Leader newspaper article;  Alum Hits Grand Lake St. Marys

“I’m excited that phase one of the alum project is wrapped up and I’m happy with how HAB Aquatic Solutions, handled the project,” said Brian Miller, manager at Grand Lake St. Marys State Park.  From the Daily Standard newspaper article;  Alum Application History; Celina, Ohio.

Scott Fletcher, Deputy Chief of Ohio State Parks, said Thursday “the (alum application) project went smoothly and was completed on time.”  From the Daily Standard newspaper article;  Alum Application History;  Celina, Ohio

“The target was to get a 50 percent reduction.  We got a 56 percent reduction, which was absolutely exciting.  The proof is in the pudding [that these treatments worked] is the park has stayed open all summer,”  OEPA Director Scott Nally said.  From NBC News story;  Alum Treatments on Grand Lake St. Marys Exceed Expectations.  Columbus, Ohio.

Laboratory results post aluminum sulfate lake treatment “Concentrations of the liver toxin microcystin, which is produced by the algae, didn’t reach levels as high as those recorded last summer.”  Chris Abbruzzese, an Ohio EPA spokesman.  From the Columbus Dispatch news article;  Alum cut Phosphorus in Grand Lake St. Marys.  Columbus, Ohio.