Cedar Lake Alum Application

“The Cedar Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District realized an important part of its lake management plan on Wednesday, June 14, when it began the first of five alum treatments that will be used to combat phosphorus levels in the lake over the next 15 years.” http://www.newrichmond-news.com/sports/outdoors/4290055-cedar-lake-begins-alum-treatment-reduce-algae-blooms

Pinto Lake Alum Application

“In April, HAB Aquatic Solutions will use a barge to administer a week-long alum treatment of the lake, according to staff limnologist John Holz. “Alum is used in most communities’ drinking water and in wastewater treatment. It’s a food-grade product,” said Holz. The formulation forms a fluffy, cotton ball-like substance that binds to phosphorus, said … Read more

Wister Lake

We’re definitely seeing an increase in the algae and phosphorus problems all across the United States, and the alum is certainly becoming a preferred solution to some of those issues. http://5newsonline.com/2014/08/06/ecologists-await-test-results-from-wister-lake-after-alum-treatment/

Green Lake, WA

The 2016 Green Lake alum treatment was successfully conducted by HAB Aquatic Solutions over a 6-day period from April 5 – 10… The treatment increased water transparency (Secchi depth) from 9 to 19 feet and changed the color from green to blue, and had no effect on the lake pH or dissolved oxygen concentrations. http://friendsofgreenlake.org/2016/04/ … Read more

Bald Eagle Alum Treatment

Regular water quality testing has occurred on Bald Eagle since 1980.  In 2002, the lake was placed on the State’s Impaired Waters List for phosphorous, and chlorophyll-a, a measure of algae in the water.  Severe algae blooms were common. In 2014, the RCWD worked with HAB Aquatic Solutions to apply the first alum treatment to … Read more

Spring Lake Alum treatment nutrient results

Alum treatment significantly reduces lake phosphorus and algae.  Data collected by an independent third party. Initial Results are Positive Following Alum Treatment — Spring Lake/Prior Lake Watershed District article Initial Results Are Positive Following Alum Treatment Posted by Meghan Litsey – Spring Lake Alum Treatment The results from the Spring Lake alum treatment (featured in the November 9th edition … Read more

Spring Lake Alum Treatment is Complete! (Before/After Lake Photos)

See the article for some stunning before/after photos First Alum Treatment is Complete! –Prior Lake/Spring Lake watershed district articleFirst Alum Treatment is Complete!Posted by Meghan Litsey – November 6, 2013 – Spring Lake Alum Treatment0HAB Aquatic Solutions, Inc. finished dosing Spring Lake with alum on November 1st. The crew only encountered a few windy days during the course of the treatment, but were able to successfully … Read more