Le May Lake, MN

LeMay Lake is a 32 acre lake located in central Minnesota in the town of Eagan.  Wenck Engineering conducted a water quality study and found the lake was degraded by high rates of internal phosphorus loading.  The City of Eagan contracted with HAB Aquatic Solutions to apply 9,853 gallons of liquid aluminum sulfate and 4,927 … Read more

Lake Leba: A Case Study

Lake Leba is a sandpit lake located in eastern Nebraska and was the site of an experimental alum research project. A small portion of the lake was completely isolated from the main lake and the smaller portion received an alum treatment. The effects of the alum on water quality were then compared to the untreated … Read more

Lake Ventura: A Case Study

Lake Ventura is a sandpit lake located near the Platte River in eastern Nebraska. The lake was formed by gravel mining operations which created a sand bottom pit that filled with groundwater. Over time, large amounts of phosphorus accumulated in the lake bottom sediments and became the primary source of phosphorus to the lake. Water … Read more

Fremont State Lake #20: A Case Study

The Problem: Water Quality at Fremont State Lake #20 By 2005, this 50 acre sand pit lake had very high phosphorus concentrations and significant toxic cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms Algal toxins lead to lake closures during the summer recreation season The average summer total phosphorus concentration was 139 ppb The average summer chlorophyll a concentration … Read more

Carter Lake

Carter Lake is a 315 acre oxbow lake along the Missouri River between Nebraska and Iowa. Elevated phosphorus levels resulted in cyanobacteria (a.k.a.blue-green algae) blooms and subsequent microcystin algae toxin production. From 2005-2008, beach warnings were posted for 21 of the 80 weeks of peak summer recreation. A whole lake alum treatment was completed in … Read more

Grand Lake St. Marys

Grand Lake St. Marys, a 13,500 acre lake located in west central Ohio, was the site of the world’s largest alum treatment in June 2011. Due to funding constraints, the lake will be treated over multiple years to deliver the full alum dose. During the first year of the project (June 2011), a 4,900 acre … Read more

Spring Lake Minnesota

Prior to the aluminum sulfate treatment Barr Engineering recorded 220 ug/L phosphorus and 45.5 ug/L Chlorophyll a (algae density).  Following the alum treatment Barr Engineering measured 59 ug/L phosphorus and 4 ug/L Chlorophyll a. Spring lake is 600 acres in size located in central Minnesota near the town of Prior Lake.  In 2011 the Prior … Read more

Bald Eagle Lake

Prior to HAB’s aluminum sulfate treatment the 30 year water clarity summer average was 1.2 meters at Bald Eagle Lake.  Post alum lake treatment, water quality has been averaging 2.5 meters as collected by the Rice Creek Watershed District. Bald Eagle Lake is 1071 acres in size located in Minnesota just north of the Twin … Read more