Moses Lake, Washington

Read more about these applications on our Moses Lake Project Website at Moses Lake is a large, 6,500-acre lake located near the City of Moses Lake, WA. The lake was created in 1930 with the completion of the dam. The lake provides valuable irrigation water to the region.  Lake Moses is also an important … Read more

Wapato Lake, Washington

Find out more about the alum application on the Wapato Project Website at Wapato Lake is a shallow, 34-acre urban lake located in the City of Tacoma, WA. The lake has a long history of poor water quality with the first closure to recreational use occurring in 1942. Problems at the lake have ranged … Read more

Sunfish & Augusta Lakes, Minnesota

Learn more about these applications on our Sunfish & Augusta Project Websites at Augusta Lake and Sunfish Lake are recreational lakes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area.  The lakes develop algal blooms during summer and the poor water quality has reduced recreational opportunities at both lakes.  Algae require the nutrient phosphorus to grow and … Read more

Pinto Lake, California

Visit our Pinto Lake Project Website for more information at Pinto Lake is a 120 acre recreational lake in Watsonville, CA.  The lake develops massive algal blooms every later summer and fall and algal toxin levels typically exceed the State health criteria.  As a result, the lake is classified as “impaired” and is closed … Read more